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Join date: Aug 10, 2022


I am passionate about social change and community services, to network with like-minded individuals and find possible roles and solutions in developing the world.

My plans are to uplift less fortunate lives, I am passionate to help communities and also interested in poverty alleviation tactics and policies, charities, philanthropic and fundraising for noble and worthy causes.

I work towards harnessing the individual and collective power of marginalized people through nurturing strategic alliances believing less fortunate people hold and have the power to transform a society or a community.

I believe in a society where people are entitled to their personal decisions by expressing and exploring their abilities and potential to influence their lives.

I am passionate about purpose driven responsibilities especially engaging in activities involving practical development solutions. I am self-oriented and endowed with both spoken and written communication skills and a team leader as well.

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Mr. Wallace Karira Muraya

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