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What will be your story...

Black History Month 2021 COVID edition is one for the books. In the midst of so much turmoil and uncertainty, very few things have remained constant. People of the African diaspora have always found a way to find the silver lining. This moment is tough because we have lost so many people. For generations our faith has been tested as we have survived and thrived in the face of insurmountable challenges.

This month one of the greatest storytellers of our time, Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. released a series focused on the black church, This Is Our Story, This Is Our Song. It captured the role of faith in our story. After viewing and participating in a Q&A session. I was inspired to have conversations with families that understand our story and that are deeply committed to giving back. Both families understand that success and service are synonymous.

We are living through a defining moment and generations to follow are depending on us to live the best representation of ourselves. What story will we tell them about how we survived this global pandemic. A moment that is forcing us to re-evaluate our priorities and to leave a legacy built on compassion and excellence.

During my conversation with The Lawson’s and Appenteng’s it was clear that a great place to start is with family. So much of who I am on my best days is because of the work, sacrifice and hope of my family. The stories told to me when I face obstacles give me courage. The stories told to me when I achieve goals remind me that my job is to lend a hand so that others can accomplish their goals.

I invite you to gather your family and listen to this conversation below. I hope it will inspire you to continue or start building a #familylegacy.

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